Holistic health and healing services to ignite shifting from pathology into vision, action and transformation.


All well care services are designed to restore, rejuvenate and sustain soul, mind and body balance. They are holistic, non-invasive, gentle, and synergistic with all forms of health care. Benefits include: increased body and subtle body awareness; deeper sleep; improved digestion; healthy grieving; aids in recovery from addiction; renewed perspective; improved focus, clarifying life purpose; and most importantly, sparking self-healing.



Flower Essence Therapy is an alchemical science and art that supports the development of heart-mind-soul coherence and aids in transformation towards wholeness. Flower essences have the power and potential to shift our vibration in the direction of higher love. This creates openings to healing through energetic resonance and direct rapport with oneself and the elements. All sessions include an energy clearing, heart-to-heart talk, meditation, intention setting, and the recommendation of specific flower essences to use daily in-between sessions. Custom handcrafted, organic and or locally wildcrafted flower essence formulas are purchased separately.


Mindfulness-based Meditation begins with choosing amongst an array of crystals to ground a nourishing journey where you will set a healing intention, create a mantra for daily use, practice breath work, and come home to your body. Organic herbal tea and an energy clearing will set the ritual. Please note, this service is only available at the Pacific Heights location



Usui Reiki is therapeutic touch that supports the brain, heart and nervous system in releasing and revitalizing itself. It is designed to restore body, mind and spirit balance through relaxation and detoxification. Using hand placement methods, healing is inspired by guiding Reiki (the vital force) into the subtle and physical bodies channels. All sessions include an energy clearing, heart-to-heart talk, intention setting, creative visualization, and Usui Reiki.


Journeywork is a process of self-discovery and acceptance deeply rooted in our human heritage. It is ancient medicine, illuminating pathways from the mind to the heart providing an opportunity to tap into intuition, imagination and personal truths. Journeywork is an awareness practice that cultivates clarity, courage and the integration of lived experiences. All sessions include an energy clearing, heart-to-heart talk, flower essences, crystal healing, creative visualization, sound therapy, and Usui Reiki.



Holistic Nutrition Coaching begins with a comprehensive health and wellbeing assessment, followed by meditation, visioning and goal setting, and ending with the creation of a well care plan.Follow-up sessions may include: pantry cleanses; grocery shopping field trips; local food systems, nutrition and herbal supplement education; digital biomarker tracking app; weekly check-ins, and evaluation of your development. Your desired outcomes, needs and the unfolding process will guide all coaching sessions.re facilitated elimination of toxins, caring for the GI tract, and deeper connection to self.