As a child I spent every chance I could get outside in the company of toads, ladybugs, flowering plants, and the elementals. With my mother’s pots and wooden spoons, water, a dash of dirt and sand formulating the base, I would spend hours crafting potions, decoctions, salves, baths, and medicinal soups. Some preparations were magical while others were practical each serving a meaningful purpose for the intended. Wholehearted thought and care went into my work and there was nothing more that I wanted than to be a medicine woman and teacher when I grew up.

Living in a working poor community I became acquainted with health inequities early on. My brother was born a severe asthmatic, and I was asthmatic as were countless children in the emerging Silicone Valley neighborhood I grew up in. Laws regarding environmental protection and accountability were yet to come. I spent time in the hospital every week for 15 years as my entire family struggled with asthma, allergies and other undiagnosed chronic inflammatory diseases. I disliked pharmaceutical medicine deeply as it was an on-going struggle to take it, endure the side effects and watch those around me affected by it.

At 17 I began to walk my own path that lead me back to where I started. I committed myself to a holistic lifestyle integrating wisdom traditions passed on by family, community elders and ancestors. In 2011 after a decade of devotion to community building in the care and protection services, I decided it was time to honor my familial lineage and inner knowing. I quit my job, earned a Master’s degree in Integrative Health, began formal apprenticeships with energy medicine practitioners, herbalist and flower essences teachers, and set out to apply over 20 years of embodied experience towards building a health and healing practice. I launched Pathfinder Well Care in 2013 to co-create and provide opportunities to love, heal and grow. From the Heart, Yvette Mari Robles, MA, CWP



My experience is rich and diverse spanning two decades working with individuals, families and communities in primary care settings, community mental health clinics, addiction treatment and residential facilities, and county jails. My work includes folks in all states of wellbeing – those seeking peace and relaxation, recovery from trauma, immunity support, and care of chronic and or terminal illness.

My approach is collaborative, honoring your intuition, gifts and strengths, accepting the present moment experience as a wise guide. The healing pathways I offer: flower essence therapy, Usui Reiki, journeywork, and holistic nutrition coaching, support the integration of transformation by nurturing consciousness. This cultivates uniting with meaningful sources of embodied information and inner direction. I commit to unconditional love, deep listening and curiosity to support all of who you are. I look forward to our sacred work together.




Master of Arts in Integrative Health Studies
California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology | Minor in Speech and Communication
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA


Integrative Wellness Coaching
California Institute of Integral Studies, Integrative Health Studies Department, San Francisco, CA

Integrative Wellness Management
California Institute of Integral Studies, Integrative Health Studies Department, San Francisco, CA

Authorized HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Facilitator
Remo HealthRHYTHMS, San Diego, CA

Usui Reiki, Shihan
Vibrant Reiki, San Francisco, CA

Flower Essence Therapist Candidate, 2017
Flower Essence Society, Terra Flora, Nevada City, CA